Risk (Retro Edition) - настолна игра

  • 80.00 лв

Налично след

Брой играчи:  2 - 6

Времетраене:  120 мин

Възраст:  10+


Possibly the most popular, mass market war game. The goal is conquest of the world.

Classic board game based on the vintage 1968 edition, with wooden gamepieces, retro-styled cards, original map art and instructions based on the original. The aim is to take possession of territories which create the continents of North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia. Players take turns to battle, attempting to gain possession of territories for world domination. A favourite childhood game - a superb strategy game and also prompts conversation and recalls past memories! Includes 6 wooden armies with storage containers, boxed card deck, dice and gameboard. 

Each player's turn consists of:
- gaining reinforcements through number of territories held, control of every territory on each continent, and turning sets of bonus cards.
- Attacking other players using a simple combat rule of comparing the highest dice rolled for each side. Players may attack as often as desired. If one enemy territory is successfully taken, the player is awarded with a bonus card.
- Moving a group of armies to another adjacent territory.


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