Operators - настолна игра

  • 48.00 лв

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Брой играчи:  2 - 10

Времетраене:  20 - 90 мин

Възраст:  14+


Location: classified
Mission: elimination

Gather your soldiers, but take only the best field operators to win the battle against the enemy troop!

In Operators, you're part of an elite military team. Your task is to eliminate all members of the opposing team. Operators can be played with up to ten players. Team members share a common pool of gears and weapons. You have to cooperate with your brothers-in-arm to decide how far to push your current attack. Choose your gear wisely because it can decide the end of a battle.

Operators can be played in two different modes and both modes has three missions: skirmish, capture the point and hostage rescue. Your characters have different gears and different special skills.


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