Citadel Artificer Tint Set

Citadel Artificer Tint Set

  • 78.00 лв

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The range of Citadel paints is vast and versatile – but expert painters require even more flexibility when bringing their visions of beautifully-painted miniatures to life. The Artificer Tint Set is a selection of pure pigments – the pigments we use to create the Citadel paint range itself, no less – that allow you to incrementally add tints to your paints. Brighten or darken colours, subtly change hues, design and create your own paints! It’s essentially a chemistry set for the dedicated hobbyist.

This set contains 10 3ml pots of Citadel tints, along with 3 mixers for dropping the tints into your pots of Citadel paint (you only need a tiny drop for impressive results!) The tints cover the full spectrum, and are perfect for the experienced hobbyist.

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