A Place in the Sun - настолна игра

  • 69.90 лв

Брой играчи:  1 - 4

Времетраене:  30 - 90 мин

Възраст:  14+

A Place in the sun

A Place in the Sun e втората настолна игра на българското студио Vermin Games и дизайнера Радомир Мирчев. В нея четири раси се борят помежду си за доминация над малкото планети, способни да поддържат живот чрез комбинация от тесте и шайба, определящи възможните им действия. Играта притежава състезателен и кооперативен режим, както и соло вариант.

APS is a PvP/Coop, dial-driven, asymmetric, deck based game about space domination. The game offers dynamic gameplay and 4 races with unique play styles, and Coop "boss-fight" mode.

Within the endless void only a few planets are capable of supporting life. All of them are home to intelligent species. It is stranger still that they all reached the space age at the same time.
There can be no mutual understanding between intelligent species from different planets. We are all aggressive by nature. Our only common ground is the struggle for survival and expansion – our fight for a Place in the Sun!

• Interconnected Dial / Deck management: variable actions each turn depending on the Dial position.
• Distinctive and thematic asymmetric decks and abilities for each Planet.
• Replayability and variety thanks to the Solar Boards/Planetary Dials/Expansion combinations.
• Feeling of theme and immersion.
• Great artwork.
• Competitive Mode: 2-4 players; Coop Mode: 1-4 players.
• Duration 15-20 min. per player.

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