Каркасон: 4-то Разширение - Кулата

Каркасон: 4-то Разширение - Кулата

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Каркасон е настолна игра, превърнала се в модерна класика и продала над милион копия по цял свят. Голямата ѝ популярност се дължи на лесните и изчистени правила, предоставящи същевременно възможност за разнообразни тактически решения. Разширението Кулата позволява на играчите да строят кули, вместо да поставят мийпъли по време на хода си, което дава възможност за залавяне на противниковите мийпъли.

The Tower is the fourth major expansion for the Carcassonne game. Tower segments are added to the game, as well as some new actions. Instead of placing a Meeple as usual on their turns, players can now either place a tower segment on a tile with a space for a tower, add a tower segment to a tower already standing, or place a Meeple on top of a tower (which "finishes" it).

Placing a tower segment allows you to capture other players' Meeples, so long as they are in view of the tower in an orthogonal direction. If the tower is 1 piece high, they can capture Meeples that are within 1 tile of the tower; if the tower is 2 pieces high, they can capture Meeples within 2 tiles of the tower; etc. Not only do players lose whatever they may have scored with that Meeple, but they also have to pay 3 victory points if they want to free their Meeple.

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